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50 FT Garden Hose No Kink with Universal Joint

50 FT Garden Hose No Kink with Universal Joint

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  • SPECILITE garden hoses are equipped with universal joint and swivel grip to allow the hoses to rotate freely. After hundreds of laboratory tests, even the twisted water hose can quickly regain its straightness.
  • The inner side of the flexible water hoses uses safety materials and has been tested and certified by CA65 to ensure safe drinking water.
  • Although our rv water hose weighs 30% lighter than other water pipes on the market, the rubber outer layer still ensures its strength, and even sharp stones and branches cannot be easily scratched.
  • The garden water hose uses the American universal 3/4 " male and female interface made of 100% aluminium, which is easy disassembly/assembly and corrosion-resistant.
  • 12 Months warranty for manufacturing defects.

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