8 Things To Consider When Washing Your Car

8 Things To Consider When Washing Your Car

Some friends like to wash the car themselves, but if you do not pay attention to it is easy to cause damage to the car, the following eight notes teach you how to better wash the car to achieve the effect of protecting it.

  • Don't wash your car frequently

If the car is washed too often, it is very easy to accelerate the oxidation of the paint. However, it is not good to wash the car for a long time, there are acidic components in the rain and air, harmful substances such as bird droppings and dust will also erode, accelerating the aging and damage of the paint.

So how often is the best time to wash your car? This problem does not have a strict scientific basis, here the author can only give friends a suggested reference value, about 1-2 times a month, the specific or according to our own car situation and the environment to determine.

If the car has more dust, dirt or just after the rain and snow, or our car is going to receive customers and so on, it is necessary to wash it as soon as possible, so it is necessary to determine the car wash cycle according to your actual car situation.

  • Can’t wash the car in strong sunlight

If the car is washed in the strong sun, the water on the car is equivalent to a small convex lens, direct sunlight through the water focus, the heat is concentrated, for a long time, it is easy to bake the car paint.

Therefore, it is best to wash the car in a sheltered place, in the morning or evening on a cloudy or sunny day.

  • Can’t use washing powder, washing liquid to wash the car

Do not use washing powder, washing liquid and dishwashing liquid, etc., because they are alkaline detergents, which are very damaging to car paint.

In addition, the laundry detergent contains a large number of non-ionic surfactants, which will "wash away" the grease in the car paint, and the long-term use of laundry detergent, laundry detergent, and dishwashing liquid will make the car paint tarnish and accelerate its aging.

  •   Washing the car in time after raining 

Some friends want to let the rain rinse the car clean, this is a wrong idea.Because of the impact of environmental pollution, most of the rain is acidic, but also may be accompanied by sticky substances, and even some heavy industry pollution areas will have the possibility of acid rain, and acid has a serious corrosive effect on car paint. So friends, don't mistake the rain for a car wash!

If it is rained for a long time and not cleaned in time, the acidic substances in the rain will slowly corrode the outermost layer of bright film of the car paint, and the car paint will become dull due to aging.

Serious can even lead to cracks in the car paint bulge, and even rust and rot for a long time. In addition, rain and dust on the surface of the car paint meet together, and will become a muddy muddy water mixture attached to the surface of the car body, speeding up the corrosion of the car paint.Therefore, after rainy days, we should hurriedly wash the car.

  • Use a sponge or soft towel

Car paint is a twee master, car wash as far as possible to use sponge or soft towel, the material of harder car wash tools, easy to cause subtle scratches, a long time in the past, the car paint will lose luster.

  •  Dont spray directly with a high-pressure water hose or a rag

Many friends as soon as they get the water hose, they want to drive to the maximum, enjoy this pleasure. But the author wants to tell you is, do not do this, it is easy to damage the car paint.

The reason is that after a period of driving, there will be dust or small particles attached to the surface of the car. If you do not wash these off with water before washing the car, but directly spray them with a high-pressure water hose them directly with a rag, these dust particles will do "friction movement" on the surface of the car paint, damaging the car body paint.

The correct approach should be: gently clean the body with clean water or water hose distributed by the water column.

  • Waiting for the engine to cool before washing the car


Washing the car when the engine is not cooled will cause the engine to age prematurely. And the car paint is still in a very hot car wash, it will make the car paint shrink when cold, and the originally smooth car paint will become dull and even crack. It is best to wait for the car to return to room temperature, especially after running a long distance, especially pay attention not to wash the car immediately.

It is not recommended to wash the car directly after running a long distance mountain road, and then clean the engine and brake disc after cooling.

  •  Pay attention to the order of car washing

If a friend thinks that car washing is a simple operation of rinsing and drying, it is a big mistake. If the car wash process is not right, the operation is improper, the car wash will become "destroyed car" accidentally.

When washing the car, the most important thing to avoid is the "one-size-fits-all" approach, should first use slow water to generally wash the body part of the prominent sand and other large particulate matter, and then spray the appropriate cleaning agent, waiting for one to two minutes.

Then pay attention along the top-down, from the top to the bottom of the car with towels or sponges to wipe the residual stains and fine dust, and finally rinse with a water gun, if there is no condition can also use a soft rubber water pipe connected to the faucet to replace, dry with a dry towel.

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